Our Vision

A Personalized Career Pathway for Every College Student

Our Mission

We reduce friction in the job search and campus recruiting process.

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The Company

The Whether launched in March 2017 at SXSWEdu’s Launch Competition.

We were founded in the winter of 2011 to tackle the problem of point-in-time transactional experiences such as career fairs and static career websites create for students. Our goal from the beginning was to help employers build meaningful relationships with candidates through engaging content.

We have been featured in Forbes, St. Louis Business Journal, Chicago Sun-Times, Alive Magazine and the St. Louis American. It is also a recipient of the prestigious Arch Grant and winner of the St. Louis Startup Challenge. The company operates within the entrepreneurial ecosystem in St. Louis.

For company updates and featured press coverage, check our press page.

Our Values

Relationships Matter Most

You are people not users. We develop a relationship with you, so you can identify relationships that you should be developing. The more students feel connected with us, we feel there is a greater chance of connecting with their future employer.

Customer First Mindset

Exceptional service is important, and we intend to go above and beyond, and way over the top. Helping you succeed is about listening and being open to dialogue. We try to create as many opportunities to learn from you as possible and build a deeper level of trust with incredible service.

Collaboration for Better Results  

We value teamwork and partnerships with industry incumbents. It allows us to develop better solutions than if we were to approach our work independently. We meet our customers where they currently spend their resources and integrate with their jobs to be done.

Diverse Teams Innovate 

We know business success takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds. We encourage organizations to build teams that reflect the communities they serve for healthy debate and differences of opinion.

Daring to be Different  

We analyze data and identify problems. If there’s a better way to approach a goal or challenge, we are quick to develop solutions that lower costs and deliver faster, better results.

Simplify then Go  

There are a lot of interconnected motivations and processes between students, recruiters, and career advisors as they progress towards their respective goals. We focus on helping each one simplify the process and get things done quickly.

The Team

The wonderful people behind our beautiful products.

Chris Motley
Chris Motley Founder & CEO

Business development, strategic sales and overall strategy at The Whether. Proud alum – Columbia University and the Kellogg School of Management.

Joe Turgeon
Joe Turgeon CTO

Application development and technology architecture at The Whether. Proud alum – University of Minnesota.

Fredric Mitchell
Fredric Mitchell VP of Product

All aspects of product management at The Whether. Proud alum – Washington University in St. Louis.

Kunal Parbadia
Kunal Parbadia VP of Operations

Sales, marketing and customer success operations at The Whether. Proud alum – Georgia Institute of Technology.

Esteban Valerio
Esteban Valerio Application Developer

Technical developer at The Whether. Proud alum – University of Costa Rica.

Our Advisors

Our advisory board is trusted and experienced in technology and recruiting.

Kimberly Marshall
Kimberly Marshall Innovation Investor and Advisor, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Amanda Washington Lockett
Amanda Washington Lockett PhD Candidate – Higher Education

Jeff Hoffman
Jeff Hoffman Co-Founder, priceline.com

Greg Baker
Greg Baker National Director of Corporate Business Development, CampusLogic

Our Investors

Our investors provide great support financially as we grow locally and nationally.

Missouri Technology Corporation
Missouri Technology Corporation

St. Louis Development Corporation
St. Louis Development Corporation

St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
St. Louis Economic Development Partnership

The Michelson 20MM Foundation
The Michelson 20MM Foundation

Arch Grants
Arch Grants

Capital Innovators
Capital Innovators

Billiken Angels
Billiken Angels

iSelect Fund
iSelect Fund