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Increased self-awareness. Confident career decisions. Clarity for all.

Increased self-awareness. Confident career decisions. Clarity for all.

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What is it?

Personalized professional development tool

Clarity helps individuals get a deep sense of who they are, identify growth tracks, and articulate career goals. It provides a ‘freakishly accurate’ description of an individual’s strengths, motivations, and professional values for better decision making.


Critical Insights


Key Drivers of Performance


Comprehensive Action Plan

Student Benefits

See where you naturally excel and what career path you will likely enjoy.

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Employee Benefits

Improve performance and leadership effectiveness by identifying areas of development.

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Get a Roadmap for Success
Navigate the job search process with a guide that provides direction.

Communicate Confidently to Employers
Ace the ‘What are your strengths and weaknesses?’ question.

Connect the Dots
Understand the skills you are gaining from your coursework and its relevance to the workplace.

Colleges getting clarity

Make Your Goals Known
Help managers understand where you want to be in your career.

Stick to Your True North
Leverage your full potential in the area you naturally perform the best.

Improved Team Interaction
Understand how your characteristics translate as a team leader and member.

Companies using clarity

Clarity is scientifically validated. Built on the Convergence Model.

The convergence of your Motivations, Abilities and Personality define your dominant professional values.

Individual Clarity

Below is a sample of what you can expect when you complete Clarity.

What do you value most? Get a scientifically validated answer.

Discover your dominant career archetypes that highlight your values.

What do you value most? Get a scientifically validated answer.
Effecting Change
Societal Change

You care about things that affect society, create change and influence opinions toward the common good.

Fostering Curiosity
Theoretical Discovery

You seek out underlying reasons why things happen and investigate complex problems.

Seeing the Big Picture
Strategic Decisions

You have capacity to see the big picture and develop effective strategies to manage projects.

Helping People
Human Development

You are compassionate, service oriented and respond to the developmental needs of those around you.

Taking Risks
Entrepreneurial Challenge

You are excited by challenging entrepreneurial circumstances.

Getting Things Done
Production Logistics

You are action-oriented, motivated by hard work and determination to get tasks done; a classic “doer” who can be counted on.

Creating New Things
Artistic Creativity

You have a desire to be creative and artistic leading to innovative designs, products and works of art.

Keeping Perspective
Natural Appreciation

You are a keen observer of life who wants to ensure the natural order is respected and maintained.

Motivating Others
Motivational Energy

You have tremendous enthusiasm and motivation to share excitement with others, often get people to enjoy the moment.

Team Clarity

Get aggregate insights on your team or organization.

Team Clarity
Capture Foundational Values

Understand your team’s most dominant, neutral and least dominant values that reflect your corporate culture.

Improve Leadership Effectiveness

Drive team performance with predictive analytics and insights to lead individual team members better.

Reverse Engineer Top Performers

Attract and engage candidates who have a similar profile of top employees.

How is Clarity different?


Easily read and understand the advice delivered without needing someone to explain the feedback.


Built on a convergence model that has been proven to measure job performance.

Continuously Helpful

While Clarity might be a one time experience, the results stick with you to further your career.

Action Oriented

Comes with a template to develop a clear action plan to achieve career goals.

Mobile Friendly

Displays smoothly on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.

Customer Focused

Support by our team of experts to get the most out of your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Clarity measure?

Clarity doesn’t measure – it articulates and predicts. Clarity is designed to help you identify career paths where you would thrive. Based on your unique blend of motivation, ability, and personality, Clarity will provide insight into your preferred work style, strengths, and caution areas. It will also identify best fit, industries, functional roles, and corporate cultures where you would thrive.

How can I trust the results?

Clarity is scientifically validated. Reviews and validation tests were conducted by the Gallup Organization, The Princeton Testing Group, and select students from Brown University, Ohio State University, and Rutgers University. Furthermore, The Harvard Graduate School of Education has found it to be both credible and reliable – 3 years running.

Who sees my results?

Only you – however you can share the results with your friends, advisors, mentors and managers on your terms.

How long does it take?

Getting clarity is invaluable. You can start and stop to suit your time constraints.

We’ve given over 50,000 people Clarity. Get yours.

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