Give your college student Clarity to improve decision making

Give your college student Clarity to improve decision making

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Clarity for your Student

Benefits of your Gift

Clarity is a values-based assessment that identifies one’s professional values, key strengths, motivations, personality and caution areas, so they can make decisions with confidence.

Benefits of your Gift
Objective & Holistic Report

Your student develops a clear career plan aligned to their interests.

Scientifically Validated

Scientifically validated and given to Harvard University students for career discovery.

Employer-sourced Advice

Help your student get personalized advice directly from employers that want to hire them.

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What are students saying?

Thousands of students have completed Clarity to help them in preparation for the internship and job search.

It is really important to know who you are. Clarity allowed me to sit down and reflect on areas that I need to improve on. I think it can help everyone understand how they can take advantage of their strengths and make improvements on their skills.

@ North Carolina A&T

I took Clarity on The Whether for fun. I was surprised by how detailed the report was. It not only helped me articulate my strengths, but also informed me about things that I should be watchful of. It was dead accurate on my working style.

@ Morgan State University


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5 Section Report
Action Plan
Personalized Advice

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