Increase student engagement through personalized career content

Over 1 million students check The Whether to discover career paths aligned with their strengths and values. That alignment starts with our scientifically validated Soft Skills & Values Assessment.

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Increase Student Engagement

Active students on The Whether are 4x more likely to get an internship/full-time offer.

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Help your students discover career paths that align with their interest

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Increase Student Engagement

Soft Skills & Values Assessment

Our scientifically validated, online assessment that captures career competencies to help students discover and engage with relevant career pathways.

For Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the survey is available for your students through grant funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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An innovation-focused career advising grant by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has accelerated our ability to serve students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. With their support, we’ve focused our efforts on serving the United Negro College Fund Career Pathways Initiative in 2018. We are connecting students, universities and employers via technology that develops personalized career pathways and helps universities improve and measure job placement outcomes of graduates. By funding our technologies and research, the foundation is furthering its mission to develop viable solutions in career advising that enable career discovery.

An implementation grant by the Strada Education Network has accelerated our ability to provide access to advice from employers to students at Harris-Stowe State University.  In a study by Gallup and Strada Education, advice from informal, work based sources was ranked as the most helpful but least used by students. The network will leverage key findings from The Whether to further their research purposes.


We build relationships with complementary technologies and distribution channels to enhance our core team’s ability to focus on one thing: deliver a world-class customer experience.

GradLeaders is the market leader in career services technology, connecting students from top-ranked schools around the world to career opportunities. Our exclusive distribution partnership with GradLeaders has accelerated our ability to standardize and personalize career discovery for every student. Together, we’re connecting students’ strengths and values to recruiters’ hiring criteria through employer-generated career content.

Burning Glass Technologies has built labor market analytics and job-matching applications using artificial intelligence technologies for the education and workforce sectors. Burning Glass products and applied research allow educators to understand the skills the labor market demands in real time, guiding decisions about programs. We have partnered with Burning Glass to develop a more empathetic user experience by connecting our candidate data with their vast labor market data. Burning Glass’ customers include the White House, Manpower, LinkedIn, Pearson, Google, and over 200 universities.

OptimalResume is a leader in resume-building applications. The technology offers professionally certified sample templates, flexible document creation options, and spell-checking tools to help students create a strong resume. OptimalResume works with more than 500 university customers and has over 10+ years of experience in the higher education industry. Our partnership provides an integrated job matching solution for students based on data parsed from the resume.

Glassdoor is a leader in online employer reviews. The Whether delivers information curated from Glassdoor to students as they discover companies where they could be a good fit.

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