Help your students with critical reflection at scale

Help your students with critical reflection at scale

Prepare your students for their life
beyond college with one easy link.

Prepare your students for their life
beyond college with one easy link.

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Engage, inform and inspire your students with a clear direction. Backed by science.

Clarity provides robust insight into a student’s strengths and values, and then helps them discover a personalized course-to-career path from freshman orientation to their first job.

Engage, inform and inspire your students with a clear direction. Backed by science.
Early Major Declaration

Helps students connect the dots between relevant career pathways and appropriate areas of study.

Personalized Career Discovery

Identifies right-fit careers aligned with students’ strengths, interests, and motivations.

Pre-Application Preparation

Uses clear language for students to describe themselves at career fairs and interviews.

You have a Career Services Management system… Your students need personalized career discovery.

The Whether uses predictive analytics generated from Clarity to credibly and reliably recommend relevant employers where your students would thrive.

The Whether for your Students

Scale advising with revolutionary career discovery

The Whether leverages data from Clarity to create an authentic student profile and delivers personalized employer-sourced career content and jobs.

Proven engagement

Helps your students discover careers and advice that align with soft skills & values.

Mobile messaging

Connects your students directly with employers and build a relationship.

The Whether for Your Employer Partners

Improve employer relations with recruitment marketing

The Whether aggregates content from employers – who are trying to recruit from YOUR institution – and target it to your students in an automated way.

Recruiting Funnel Enhanced

Recruiting Funnel Enhanced

Early Identification

With better soft skills data, your employer partners can target relevant students early for internships.

Better conversions

With auto-nurturing tools, employers will see your students follow through on the application process.

What does my university get?

Discover what motivates your students

Become a University Partner (for FREE) and get a playbook for supercharging.

Revenue share to offset career center software cost

Complementary Clarity credits for student body

Platform engagement and aggregated assessment reporting

Higher ROI for employer – faster shortlist of talent

Single place for students to discover employer information

Better conversations between the student and employer at career events

We believe in building diverse teams for employers.

Designed for Diverse College Students

Our primary focus is to support underserved and first-generation college students with personalized career advice for success. We engage students from 60+ Historically Black Colleges & Universities and other Minority Serving Institutions.

Some of our Happy Partners

We’re helping nearly 1mm students from 60 Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) and 550 traditional universities connect with diversity-focused employers.

Debra Hotch, Assistant Director, Career Programming<br>Harvard Graduate School of Education

Clarity is an important aspect of our Career Success Workshop for incoming students. It is important for students to understand their mission, skills, and values in order to align their educational experience with their career goals.

Debra Hotch, Assistant Director, Career Programming
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Allie Mills, Employer Relations Specialist, University of West Alabama

We’re excited to really start advertising this service to our students, and I feel that the Course-to-Career stories that you all have sent will be extremely beneficial to this! We are encouraging all students to check the app for even more information to help guide their career path.

Allie Mills, Employer Relations Specialist, University of West Alabama

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, use our support center at the bottom right.

What does it take to get started?
Getting started is as simple as sending an email. Even easier, we provide proven email templates that compel students and employers to #GetClarity and #CheckTheWhether. And if you’re looking for a truly hands-off onboarding experience, simply provide the email addresses of your students and employers, and we’ll take care of getting the word out for you.
How does The Whether engage students?

The Whether engages students by making it easy to do the number one thing they care about when thinking about their careers: Discover which companies are coming on campus.

How does The Whether compare to Symplicity, Handshake, or GradLeaders?
Symplicity, Handshake, and GradLeaders are career services software platforms that are primarily designed to help career services offices operate more efficiently. They typically include tools for career fair management, student profiles, and job boards.The Whether is a recruitment marketing platform that helps employers build and nurture diverse talent pipelines as students discover viable career options in a dedicated, job-seeker-focused mobile app. The Whether is the perfect complement to your existing career services tools.
How much does it cost?

The Whether is free for students and partner schools. The Whether is $300 per year for employers. Universities partner with us to help promote The Whether to their students and employers.

For their efforts, universities can earn 10% or $3,000 of the revenues generated by new employers that pay to access their students on The Whether. This money is paid out as Clarity credits, reporting and analytics for the career services office, and/or marketing materials on campus.

Which campuses are using The Whether? Can you provide references?

Washington University in St. Louis, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and an ever-growing network of 550 traditional universities and 60+ HBCUs are all using The Whether and its tools to help students throughout the career discovery process. We can absolutely provide references – but we’d like to first understand the questions you’re trying to address before connecting you to some of our trusted partners. This will help you gather the answers you’re looking for in the most effective manner.

How does The Whether comply with FERPA?

The Whether is FERPA compliant. No educational information is shared with employers unless the student makes their profile publicly accessible. Students have complete control over their data being shared. They can keep their profile set to “casually browsing” until they are ready to connect with recruiters.

How does The Whether protect student data from data breaches?

All student information, including email, is stored securely in a database hosted by Amazon Web Services, requiring encrypted private keys and two factor authentication. It is only accessible by authorized employees of The Whether.

How does The Whether match students to companies?

The Whether matches students to companies by pre-sorting the students to popular roles companies are hiring for based on the student’s major, interests, and soft skills.

Can career centers control what content is shown in the student app?

Yes, and no. On The Whether, each university has a school-centric feed that allows career services to provide resources to students, distribute announcements and highlight employers that recruit at the college.

However, the student discovery feed is powered by our predictive analytics to help students get credible and reliable recommendations of industries, companies, and opportunities where they would thrive.

Our career fair costs employers $250 to attend, I’m not seeing why they would pay for this in addition?

While the registration cost may be low, the total investment to attend for an employer is much higher when you consider travel time, staff wages, booth decor, and company swag. Infact, according to NACE, the average investment to attend a career fair is approximately $5,000. Employers have made a very real investment to make an appearance on campus, and they’re routinely looking for tools to help them maximize that investment. The Whether helps them connect with students more effectively before and after their visit, which improves their chances for success.

How does The Whether keep students interested in the career discovery process?

The Whether provides relevant to content at all stages of the career discovery process.

Additional info:

The Whether helps students through all stages of the career discovery process:

  • Self Discovery
    • Students don’t know what they don’t know. The Soft Skills & Values Assessment give students language to describe their soft skills, competencies, motivations, and professional values. It then connects their attributes to available opportunities and content on The Whether. The Whether builds credibility and trust by delivering highly personalized, scientifically validated results and actionable plan to prepare for their career.
  • Opportunity Discovery
    • Students are usually not aware of the vast career paths they have access to and are qualified for through their soft skills. This is common for liberal arts majors. Because the Soft Skills & Values Assessment is built into The Whether, students get immediate exposure to new industries, companies, and opportunities where they could thrive. Recommended opportunities are personalized based on the values of the company, the soft skills that lend well to success, and other student preferences.
  • Self Preparation
    • Students also don’t know much about what recruiters are looking for in a good candidate. The Whether is their personalized guide to all things preparation. Beyond recommended opportunities, The Whether also recommends new skills to learn, new classes to take, internships to consider, and student groups to join based on their interests… all in the name of helping them build a track record of success that employers are looking for. Additionally, there are resources to help students create their resume, write compelling notes to recruiters, and make good impressions during interviews.
What can an employer see when a student’s profile is set to “casually browsing”?

An employer can see:

  • the first and last initial
  • the school they attend
  • the degree they’re pursuing
  • preferred work locations
  • work experience

An employer cannot see:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Resume
  • GPA
  • Assessment Summary
  • Social media profiles

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